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Monster High's Lagoona Blue

Monster High's Lagoona Blue is a free girl game online at You can play Monster High's Lagoona Blue in full-screen mode in your browser without anoying ads. Girls, meet Lagoona Blue, Sea Monster's youngest daughter. I suppose you know that her favorite color is ocean blue but I'm sure that once you start rummaging through her wardrobe you'll be amazed to see that in this dress up game Lagoona Blue is ready to wear clothes in a wide variety of colors. Her wardrobe is full of color, of chic tight dresses, stylish jumpsuits, puffed sleeved blouses, printed tops, girly pants and mini-skirts, so feel free to take out the clothing items that best suit her gorgeous ghoul look. Next continue this dress up friv game by accessorizing her look with some super chic platform sandals and with glittery jewelry made ??of seahorses and pearls. Finish off her stylish look with an amazing hairdo, picking out one of all those awesome hairstyles you have in the "Lagoona Blue Dress Up" game! You are ready for your special journey and participate in the world of the most exciting other games. New games similar to this game are updated daily on our website. You will overcome challenges with different experiences. Do not miss the opportunity to explore games like Spanish Girl Make Up and Floral And Chic Dress Up

Spanish Girl Make Up

Spanish Girl Make Up is an online game that you can play on friv online for free. Lily studies in Spain. She is going to a costume party this weekend and she needs to find a good costume. As she is in Spain now and she admires the Spanish culture, she will dress up like an authentic Spanish girl. Choose a cute dress for her and complete the look with beautiful roses and Spanish fans.  Style this Spanish flamenco dancer for her performance. She is introducing the old flamenco dance tradition to a new generation, so she wants to wear the classic look most of us associate with flamenco Are you ready for a special journey today and other journeys like Floral And Chic Dress Up and Model Mania 2 at We will help you complete the most relaxing and relaxing with each game.

Floral And Chic Dress Up

Floral And Chic Dress Up is an online game that you can play on friv 4 for free. Diane is a young fashionable girl who loves nature and flowers very much. That's why she likes to wear clothes with floral prints and chic colorful accessories. Her fashion style is very cool and you can check out her fancy wardrobe to convince yourself! So, help Diane prepare for a hot summer day by dressing her up with the outfit you like best from all the ones you'll find in her wardrobe! Don't forget to also pick up for her a new hairstyle and some chic accessories. Floral and Chic Dress Up is a new and popular Flower game for kids. It uses the Flash technology. Play this Dress Up game now or enjoy the many other related games we have at such as Model Mania 2 and Office Style Anna Frozen Enjoy!   

Model Mania 2

Model Mania 2 is an online game that you can play on Every girls dream is to be a model and have her picture on the cover of a magazine. These three girls, Bella, Ellie and Jessica, will continue to pursue their fashion careers and win the amazing chance to be on the cover of the school magazine. Their will need to complete five more fashion challenges in the exciting game called Model Mania 2! You can help them create the most beautiful and fashionable outfits by using your creative skills. Pick your girl from the three and pop stars to win points and unlock poses for the photo shoots. The first challenge is the prom. For such a glamorous event you will need to buy a fancy dress, high heels shoes and some cute accessories. Win more money by winning the challenge. In Model Mania 2 you can now move on to the next fashion task, in which you will need to create the best outfit for a shopping spree at the mall. For the gym challenge buy comfy shoes and a chic outfit. In the dream date challenge you can pick an elegant dress, cute glitzy jewelry and a fun red purse. In Model Mania 2 you can be on the cover by completing the concert challenge, which is the last one. In addition, you can also update new friv 4 games similar to this game in the list of favorite games such as Office Style Anna Frozen and Valentine Braided Hairstyles. Start your secret journey and complete the mission today. New games will bring you the most amazing world you can hardly miss. Enjoy Model Mania 2!   

Catch The Shadow

Catch The Shadow is a Puzzle game 2 play online at friv 4 games. You can play Catch The Shadow in full-screen mode in your browser for free without any anoying ads. In this game, Lee' grandfather is kidnaped inside his house. The only way to escape from the house is to find the hidden clues to open the door. Find useful objects around the house and solve puzzles. If you love this game and want to play more similar games, you can try Car Difference and Wizard Jewels. So easily can you find and discover more interesting things with a few clicks on our site where many types of games are available.  Good Luck and have fun.   

Car Difference

Car Difference is a Puzzle game 2 play online at You can play Car Difference in full-screen mode in your browser for free without any annoying AD. Car Difference is a cool car-difference game. Your task in this game is to find 5 differences in the limited time. You have 5 chances complete it. Good luck!  This game is suitable for all ages, even kids can play in their free time. Play with your friends or family members to solve the puzzle together and have fun. If you want to add more puzzle games to your favorite friv 4 game list, you can try these following options: Wizard Jewels and Angry Animals 2 Control: Use mouse to play this game 

Topple Tower

Topple Tower is an online game that you can play on friv games for free. Topple Tower is a cool 3D game of stacking the boxes. The players just need to stack the boxes as high as possible without toppling the tower. So the players need paying more attention to the size and the angle of the boxes. Join us quickly and meanwhile exercise your mechanical knowledge! You are given countless boxes to place on top of each other and as you get higher it becomes increasingly challenging! What high score can you register? What is the tallest tower you can make? Other games such as Port Car Parking and Geometry Rush can bring a thrilling gaming experience for you as well, so don't hesitate to check them out!  Good luck at!   

Office Style Anna Frozen

Office Style Anna Frozen is an online game that you can play on friv 4 club for free. All the Frozen princesses are having a great time today here on our website, and you dear friends have to make sure that in the shortest time, you will manage to help Anna from Frozen to have a great time and look as beautiful as possible. Today, you can see that Anna has prepared for you a new dress up challenge, and for that you will have to be very creative, because Anna is going to need your help to have an office style outfit, and we are sure that you can help Anna have an office look by finding special clothes, make up and hairstyles that you can find only here on our website. Even though it's not going to be easy at all, Anna is going to look amazing at the end of this new make up and dress up challenge from Frozen, and Anna or Elsa are going to return on our website with more fashion games. We constantly update the latest games for players to join when having free time like Frozen Elsa Birth Caring and Valentine Braided Hairstyles at Different cars are discovered by you and under your control. Don't forget how to explore this new space with your own skills yours. Have fun!

Wizard Jewels

Wizard Jewels is an online game that you can play on Wizard Jewels is an interesting puzzle matching game. You're going to help the wizard collect jewelry. Click on three or more identical jewelry. You first need to delete the background and then find a way to collect the keys. You can use the arrow to rotate the game.  Fun combination of 3 different match 3 mechanics: collapse, swap and connect. You can switch between the 3 game modes. In the first phase of this game you have to remove all grey backgrounds. In the second phase you have to guide the golden key to the keyhole. Rotate the game when needed with the arrows in view or the arrow keys. In addition, we also suggest giving players some other puzzle friv games similar to this game like Angry Animals 2 and Wheely 5. Get ready for a new war and become the greatest hero in history. 

Port Car Parking

Port Car Parking is an online game that you can play on for free. Port Car Parking is a 3D car parking game set in a grim port city. The local port manager needs a driver who can quickly park cars under any circumstances. Your background in the street racing scene prepares you very well for the job. Now it's up to you to prove that you can make it! You will earn money by doing so that you can use to buy fancier cars, or to upgrade existing ones.  We also take the time to suggest the latest games for players around the world to join in the free time like Parking Passion and StreetRace. You can save the friv 4 game Go to favorites list and update the latest gaming tips today. Features Cool car parking game set in a big port with various parking locations and positions Gear shift feature to accelerate forward or drive backward Many new cars that you can buy, including a police car and news van Customizable rim's model Control: Controls: Arrows / WASD = drive

Valentine Braided Hairstyles

Valentine Braided Hairstyles is a free girl game online at friv 4 games. You can play Valentine Braided Hairstyles in full-screen mode in your browser without any anoying ads. Have you been fully prepared for your Valentine's Day date? Besides a cute dress and perfect makeup, a delicate and elegant braided hairstyle would definitely add points for your look. Play this fun Valentine Braided Hairsytles game and learn 3 cute and flirty braied hairstyles for your valentine date! It's easy and fun!  Many players have saved this game to the list of girls games and other similar games like Frozen Elsa Birth Caring and Baby Hazel Fairyland. Discover if you have free time and want to finish into it. Enjoy with

Geometry Rush

Geometry Rush: Play this fun reaction puzzle game, Geometry Rush. Your objective is to fire the triangle to hit it's target. Sounds easy, doesn't it? Your path is full of moving obstacles and you will loose if you touch one. You will only have a few secon

Parking Passion

Parking Passion: Parking Passion is a car parking game for mobile devices. Drive your car to the intended position and place it in the marked parking lot. The faster you are the more points you will get. Ready? Show your parking passion!

StreetRace Fury

StreetRace Fury: StreetRace Fury is an fast-paced drag racing game for PCs, tablets and other mobile devices. Win races and prize money, buy upgrades and new cars and beat your opponents on the streets of fury.


Today we give thanks for everything wonderful in our lives. Sarah has to help prepare for her thanksgiving dinner, but can she behave or will she be caught by her mom?

Frozen Elsa Birth Caring

Help Elsa give birth to a cute baby! Call the ambulance and enter the operation room when the baby was born. To cut the umbilical cord, breastfeed, listen to the heartbeat and do other series of checks.

Baby Hazel Fairyland

Baby Hazel has got a chance to explore fairyland with the help of a magician. But on return, she has to bring pink flower for him as a gift. So kids, get ready to join Baby Hazel in her adventurous fairyland tour and help

Pop Star Dentist

Play as the dentist to famous pop stars! Repair broken, decayed and damaged teeth, by using a variety of utensils. Watch as the famous stars start twitching, blinking and turning red.

Show Xgame

This is a regular game show. Mordecai likes skateboarding, you should help him overcome the obstacles and collect items along the way, stay away from puddles and obstacles, it will make the power of Mordecai fell.

Don't Crash

Don't Crash!: This cool racing game for iPhone, iPad and other mobile devices has only one rule: Don’t crash! Wrong-way driver on your lane? Change the lane and avoid a crash. How long can you drive?

War Face

Welcome in the world of War Face! Fly around in your helicopter and shoot those bastards on the ground. The army on the ground is trying to take you down and not let you reach the other side of the base where you can land.

Elsa And Anna Ballet Dancer

Great! There is a big ballet dancers interview. Elsa and Anna are fond of ballet, the sisters both want to join the audition, please help them prepare it.

Anna And Elsa First Halloween

It's time to go to the Halloween party for Elsa and Anna, and they want to become charming Halloween girls! Pick their traditional Halloween costume clothes and choose charming accessories for them! Please dress up them!

Frozen Elsa Modern Fashion

Elsa, the elegant Snow Queen, and now she came to the modern city. She also wants to be a fashion girl, she needs your help! Open the wardrobe to her selection of beautiful clothes, the right shoes, and then match with stylish earrings, necklaces, bags. p

Cars Traffic Control

Do you still remember the "Lightning" McQueen of the Cars? Today McQueen will experience the work of the traffic police, he needs to command the chaos traffic. As an expert, can you help him?

Dogfight The Great

Enemy is owning the place, but the most talented pilot of the country will clear them all. Destroy all the enemy planes and complete your mission.

Whack My Car

A new classic whack game! This time you can destroy three kinds expensive cars!

Spank Dora Butt

Dora is naughty at school recently,she doesn't even prepare for final exam with dedication ,her mother is very angry and decides to give her a lesson,she will spank Dora butt!

Mia Doll Machine

Playing this fun arcade game, to help Mia grab dolls! Caught dolls will get gold coins rewards! Using the gold coins to buy props, so you can catch more dolls. Have fun!

Iced Land Adventure

Iced Land Adventure is an adventure platform game. If you like platform games then you shouldn’t miss this one. Journey through a beautiful iced land, try to find all coins, keys and defeat dangerous enemies to win each level. Press A to attack on desktop

Elsa And Jack Wedding Photo

Great!!! Elsa and Jack are getting married! Elsa wants to take a funny photo at their wedding, this is really a good idea! Let's help them dress up for their wedding first.

Anna's Baby Twins Birth

Wow! Anna is pregnant, she is going to have baby! Please call 911 and take care of her while waiting for the ambulance. Oh! They are twins! Once the twins were born, you need to take care of them! Change their diaper, tuck them in and help Anna feed the c


Are you good at playing basketball? Do you want to do some practice and have a try? Basketball is an interesting and cute h5 basketball shooting game. You need to get as many as score as you can in the limited time by shooting the basket.

Ambulance Car Wash

Oh, the ambulance car is so dirty, it needs to be cleaned up! Wash the car, wipe clean, polish. Thanks!


Throw your weapon against your prey.

Fly Trap

Fly Trap: Fly Trap is a reflex based game with a little defenseless insect. Fly as long as you can but don't touch the insect-eating plants! How far can you make it?

Fast Circles

Fast Circles: Fast Circles is a mobile optimized color match game. Tap the screen to drop a bubble and match the color of the rotating circle. Enjoy!

Black Navy War 2

Black Navy War 2 is a naval battle simulation game. Create units and destroy the enemy base and the enemy flagship. After each level you will unlock new units and skill points.

Find Color

Find Color: Find Color is a simplistic reaction time game for mobile devices. Push YES if the name of the color written matches with the color displayed. Else push NO. Are your reactions fast enough?

Back to Candyland 2

Back to Candyland 2: Come back to the sweet Candyland! Clear stage by stage by removing groups of colorful shiny jellies. Try to make combos and match your candies with bonuses to activate them and gain more points. Have fun!

Celebrity Memory

Many people can remember faces. But how many people can remember faces when they appear just for a few microseconds on the computer screen? The answer is just a few. Check out this game and see whether you are one of those exceptional few.

Giraffe Got

Action game with a giraffes.Your goal is to shoot all the coming waves of enemy.

Racing Road Block

Do you remember Cars? Now, Lightning McQueen is crazy driving in the street, it's too dangerous! Can you help him to avoid other vehicles and road blocks, and collect gold coins? Be careful not to crash!

Marge Saw

The evil Pigsaw is back and will force Marge Simpson to play his twisted game.

Super Santa

Guide the Santa to collect as much gifts and Christmas objects as possible. Finish the given target for every levels and win the game. Have Fun! Merry Christmas!

Penalty Kicks

Penalty Kicks: Shoot some penalties in this great sports game Penalty Kicks by Control your shots smoothly in a realistic way using your mouse. How many goals can you score? Have fun!

Castle Kaboom

Play Castle Kaboom on Friv4games - Friv4. Your job is to set your explosives on the giant castle to raze it to the ground or send out a mighty...


The ultimate in tongue to tongue combat.

Skateboard City

Watch out for obstacles and pull tricks with your skateboard to gain points.

Mafia Showdown

A rival mafia family is coming after you. You must fight your way past them in this action-packed shooting game. Earn points by killing gangsters, which you can use to buy new weapons.

Stick Samurai

Play Stick Samurai on Friv4 - Friv4games 2017. Your mission is simple: Hold your finger on the screen & stretch the sticks in order to reach the next...

Angry Birds Hunt

Play Angry Birds Hunt on Friv4 - Friv4games. In this game your mission is to hunt all the angry birds by slingshot with nut. You have 5 lives here....

Ice Breakers

Play Ice Breakers on Friv4 - Friv4games. Your mission in this game is to get all the vikings to the ship to complete each level! You need to click ..

Floaty Bubble

Play Floaty Bubble on Friv4 - Friv4games. Your task in this game is simple: Steer the bubble through the gaps & avoid the rotating spikes. Tap...

Yummy Taco

Play Yummy Taco on Friv4games - Friv4. Your mission in this game is so cool: Get the highscore in the funny Yummy Taco game by preparing ...


Play 2Cars on Friv4 - Friv4games. Mission of the game is pretty difficult: Control two cars at the same time. You need to collect all the circles but....

Street Ball Star

Play Street Ball Star on Friv4 - Friv 2017. Are you a good basketball player? In this game you can show your street ball skills! Come to challenge!....

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